Are You Affected By The Schumann Resonance?

The Schumann resonance -Also known as the heartbeat of mother earth by some and the earth’s vibration by others – is actually a frequency. It’s the measurement of 7.83 Hz or the electromagnetic frequency of our planet, to be exact. This energy can increase or decrease at times, and many think it affects our consciousness. Is this true?
Yes, it can affect us if we have toxic or negative vibrations in ourselves that are affected by this energy.  You can look at the chart daily to see if there is a spike that associates why you may be feeling something.  So, in a way it’s like a little alarm going off that you have some toxic vibration that you are needing to work to remove from yourself.
In short, when you no longer feel the spikes, you have purged your vibrational energies from your own vessel, hence, filling your chalice! You are no longer able to have your cup depleted by others!
This is the Holy Grail!! We fill it with ARK’s (Acts of Random Kindness).
view the current Schumann Resonance at the link below. The graphic is within 10 minutes of the current time.  For the east coast, if you were for example feeling something vibrational at midnight and wanted to know if the Schumann was showing it, you would actually look at the 12 time not the zero hour since it is 12hrs off from the east coast of U.S.